1》 the faculty of consciousness and thought.
2》 a person's ability to think and reason; the intellect.
    ↘a person's memory.
    ↘a person identified with their intellectual faculties: he was one of the greatest minds of his time.
3》 a person's attention.
    ↘a person's will or determination.
1》 be distressed or annoyed by.
    ↘object to.
2》 feel concern about: never mind the opinion polls.
3》 remember or take care to do something: mind you look after the children.
    ↘give attention to; watch out for: mind your head!
    ↘N. Amer. & Irish be obedient to.
4》 take care of temporarily.
5》 (be minded) be inclined to do a particular thing.
6》 (also mind you) introducing a qualification to a previous statement: mind you, he didn't seem bothered.
be in (or N. Amer. of) two minds be unable to decide between alternatives.
be of one (or a different) mind share the same (or hold a different) opinion.
give someone a piece of one's mind informal rebuke someone.
have a (or a good or half a) mind to do something be inclined to do something.
have someone/thing in mind
1》 be thinking of someone or something.
2》 intend to do something.
in one's mind's eye in one's imagination.
mind over matter the use of willpower to overcome physical problems.
mind one's own business refrain from prying or interfering.
mind one's Ps & Qs be careful to be polite and avoid giving offence. [said by some to refer to the care a young pupil must pay in differentiating the tailed letters p and q.]
never mind
1》 do not or let us not be concerned or distressed.
2》 (also never you mind) used in refusing to answer a question: never mind where I'm going.
3》 let alone: he found it hard to think, never mind talk.
out of one's mind having lost control of one's mental faculties.
put one in mind of remind one of.
to my mind in my opinion.
OE gemynd 'memory, thought', of Gmc origin; related to L. mens 'mind'.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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